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June 10, 2020



I am 65 yrs old and have had my grandchildren for 4plus years now. A girl now 7 years old, boy 11. In December, my husband passed suddenly. So, I have been dealing with being a single grandparent with two children since December, and alone 24/7 with them since March 12.
We have spent two or three hours a day home schooling every day in the spring, and are doing an hour a day through the summer. Don't now what fall will look like, but I truly hope schools can open, because I would really love some time alone without sitting up all night after they are in bed.
I, at least, have taught in the past and can deal with this, but can't imagine being in this position without that background. Nevertheless, this is not what I had expected for my old age and it is very, very difficult. I have no wisdom to impart, just support for anyone in the same boat.

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