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January 05, 2020


Susan Lounder

I totally agree with you Karen.
We had pets off and on throughout raising seven children. The children were responsible to help take care of the pets, (as a chore that was rotated according to age), but the main responsibility was always mine. It takes time and effort to care for a pet, as does teaching a child to care for them. I am an animal lover, so I don’t mind.

Through the years I discovered that some of my children had the same love for animals that I have, and for them, it really wasn’t a chore to help care of them. The other children just considered them a chore and treated them as such. As time went on, chore assignments were given according to the children’s personalities, so the animals were well cared for by those who enjoyed it.

Caring for, and loving a pet has been very therapeutic to my adopted children. They are learning how to be a part of something outside of themselves with love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, and even grief.

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