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By Karen Best Wright

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July 17, 2018


Karen Best Wright

Beatrice Thomas, that is a heart breaking story. I hope you can help your grandchildren when they are old enough to find you.

Beatrice Thomas

After 10 years of having guardianship of 2 special needs grandchildren with no parental involvement we decided to adopt in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we were made to look like brain washers and bullied by probate court judge and other court attorneys. We were denied due process rights. Instead of hearing in Family Court where the children would get a Casa worker they didn’t get anyone who supported what their wishes were. Oklahoma Children are still risk when they do not have an advocate who is not under the thumb of presiding judge. One child now has been institutionalized for years, biological father does not provide any psychological support services for children. No relatives have seen children once they were handed over to bio dad and the oldest, a boy age 11 -was injured and hospitalized within 2 months and as grandparents we were told there would be no visitation. We know now he is not on medication, kicked out of public school, has “an episode “ if my name is mentioned (he called me mama). It was heartbreaking and we fought for 3 years, had our rights violated by the court on multiple occasions and could get no one to listen. Father was provided a “paupers attorney “ even though our attorney noted he made in excess of 8k a month.& who appeared to work in collusion with judge (k no o court orders received & orders were changed from what was said in courtroom). Opposing council had bio mother’s name on case & when she filed a report with Tulsa Sheriffs Department of identity fraud all evidence was destroyed. Someone signed her name and the two courts to which this case was appealed including the Oklahoma Supreme Court and Appellate Courts were never notified. Father admitted to not even “bothering to search for children for over 2 years.” Even though this met Oklahoma Law for parental rights dismissal the judge denied our adoption request. There was video evidence of inappropriate parent discipline in a public place, dismissed orders for parenting classes for father even after video with anger management issues. Best interest hearing no discovery was allowed and DHS and every record was sealed with attorney for grandparents and as pro se grandparents were not allowed access or time to obtain new council when counsel wanted to be dismissed (he took our money and bailed). I pray daily for justice for the two children and investigation into judicial misconduct. But transcripts are $3.50 s page. I am going to take what I have along with mother’s statement and file what I have. Hopefully, the review court will see the conduct of the court and investigate fully. If parents are not involved my advice is get THE BEST attorney or keep children as guardian and keep records with documentation of any or no contact using yearly guardianship forms. Know this though why Oklahoma Children are at risk-one family I know had a false DHS complaint made and ended up in probate court not family-lost their 6 year old daughter had to pay for an attorney and their daughter was returned a year later. Now daughter needs therapy for trauma and fear of reoccurrence. Children in probate courts MUST be protected by giving them a CASA worker to work/speak on their behalf. Oklahoma’s Children are at risk. Great risk. We refused to give up our fight for 3 years and the judge despised us for that. Stated as much. We spent over $35k we didn’t have and almost died from the grief and loss. Especially knowing the loving boy, the oldest had serious issues he was improving with medication and therapy and sports, YMCA & Boy Scouting. Now he gets nothing. But we have recovered and pray for them and will wait until they are 18 when we fully expect them to find us. Who knows. Maybe before then but I expect no support from any government office in Oklahoma. I have little hope even judicial review.


Excellent article. I was raised by a grandparent as I didn't have a stable life with my parents. Grand parents rock.

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