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By Karen Best Wright

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April 02, 2018


Karen Best Wright

If you are adopting your grandchildren, then it will be up to you what is best for them and who they should have contact with. May I suggest if you do let them have contact with the other grandparents (having 2 sets of grandparents is usually nice, even if they are a bit flaky. However, I would have them supervised. If you choose having the kids around the other grandparents, I can't say you are wrong. If will be up to you to decide what is ultimately best for the kids. Someday the kids may want to at least know their other grandparents to decide for themselves how flaky they are.

Helen Maire Earnest

Need some answers, I am a grandmother raising 3 wonderful grand children. They are my life and I am adopting them but, always a but. There is a other Grandmother who want's visitation with the kids and she was the type of person that she used the kids, like to get money to pay bills, money for food and money from the church and money from different agencies so that her and her husband did not have to work. Always begging for groceries and stuff, always asking for bill money. And her living arrangements are not the best either, so I choose not to have the kids around her, so am I wrong.

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