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October 10, 2017





Just found your blog! Many thanks. Helpful articles. I am 50 and legal guardian for my 2 year old grandson..and still have 2 of my own bio kids as minors and an 18 year old child/adult living with me. Spouse and I were granted permanent guardianship until child is 18 so that is good. Looking now into the adoption route...This is exhausting business...but, we do what we do out of love...Its still somedays exhausting and sometimes I really feel "out of sync" with my own age of few friends...most are not parents of toddlers again. Anyhow, glad to have found your blog!

Karen Wright

Roberta, If your grandson is considered and independent student, isn't a Pell Grant available to help him?


Hi Karen. It has been a while since you posted. DOn't forget college. That is where we are now and it isn't pretty. Since we are legal guardians, my grandson is considered to be an independent student and there is not too much financial aid out there for kids like him. So we may end up using our retirement money for that. Not a good plan at all.

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