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October 23, 2016


Stephanie bishop

I am so glad God gave me and my hubby another chance to raise a little boy .. my grandson... when we got custody of him he was 6 years old .. both his mom and dad are still in prison for drugs....! This year has been the hardest ... he is now 13 almost 14.... it is now harder because he argues about EVERYTHING! I am 65 ... my hubby is 69... his health is going down.... how do we handle this - without being the bad guys all the time ???? HELP!!!!!

Tracey Canepa

I would really like to connect with more grandparents raising teenagers. My husband and I are raising a troubled 14 year old boy and 16 year old girl. Sometimes I just need to connect with someone who is doing the same.


Thank you Roberta. I would love to hear more what you have to say in our group. If he is preparing for college, you might just be a real morale booster to some of us.


I am so glad you wrote this Karen. I did join the group but as you say, most are raising little ones. They are still in the honeymoon stage. My grandson turns 17 in a short few weeks. He is a really good kid but as you say, it is very different than the fun we had when he was small. We have PSATs, SATs, college trips, etc. I find it very hard to get into that frame of mind when all I want to do is retire out to my house in AZ. Thanks

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