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June 28, 2016



William, what I understand from grandparents in Florida, it is not a very grandparent friendly state. If you are talking about visiting with your grandchildren that mom and dad have custody, you are in a tough spot. The best is always to get along with mom and dad so they want you involved. Going the legal route to force them to let you be involved is a real iffy route unless. If you are trying to prove they are unfit so you can gain custody, then you either need a good attorney or you need to get CPS involved if kids are in danger. Your message was short and didn't really tell me much about your situation.

William Horn

I would like info about Fla laws allowing grandparents in be involved when the Mom and dad are making it very hard.

Hope Irizarry

Im raising my Grandaughter since she was 7months old she calls me Mama, she is now 2 1/2 . I live in Sarasota Fl and looking for some support groups in my area. I havent raised a child in 26 years and really dont remember many things .

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