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By Karen Best Wright

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May 08, 2016


Bobbie Scott

I would like to say thank you.I really needed this today of all days

nancy brown

I like to consider myself a teacher, teaching my grandchildren what kindness and recognition looks like for me. I tell them what I eould love to do on holidays, birthdays, how I like to celebrate. Mother's Day is tricky becaue of what you mention Karen, so we do a th k you for mother,s ceremony, lighting candles, all eat cake and the gifts from school in our case can go wherever they choose. Our home special day, traditions we establish. I help them consider what makes them feel happy as we create our clebrations, they are still young, 9 and 6... learning gratefulness and thankfulness, learning to notice the feeling of appreciation inside themselves and practice showing it.

Engle@ kpunet. Net

Well said Karen! For me it's pretty much just another day....I don't expect anything and am pleasantly surprised when my kids do remember to just say HMD! Have a peaceful day ! Busy week here with preschool graduation, ballet performances by my 14 yo God and baseball games for 3 grands... To top it off we have a friend staying here two of those nights and we leave Saturday for two weeks... Cancer check up and back east to see in laws.... Thankful I only have one go living with me part time... Will join your health thing upon my return... Thanks for your ste?!!!

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