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October 02, 2015


Clarinda Hornback

Also check out dollar general digital coupon app and i use ibotta also one daves you money and ibotta gived you back money on many items.

Greenfly Coupons

Great advice. I also recommend to always search for a coupon code if shopping online. If you go to a site and see a box that says "coupon code" or "coupon" etc at checkout you can search google for the site's brand name and coupon code to find a list of the latest coupons in google. For example, to look for walmart codes you would search for "walmart coupon code"

Susan Adcox

Good advice! Since we've been trying to eat more healthfully, I find very few coupons for what I buy most, which are simple foods and fresh vegetables. Thank good Kroger sends me coupons for those items occasionally. Also, if you are a senior, be sure you get the senior discount!

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