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January 04, 2014




Thank you for the advice, I will definitely set my comments that way. I'm going to be starting tonight or tomorrow when my grandson goes back to school. It's amazing how an 8 year old boy can keep you so busy!!!

Karen Wright

I too got so much spam it became unbearable. I had to set my blog to have all comments come to me personally, and I had to approve them before they were posted. I set my Outlook so all blog comments (including spam) went into a specific folder). When I got a legitimate comment, I would go into my blog and publish it. All others were deleted. It is a pain but worth keeping my blog. So try again and see if you can set your comments to NOT automatically be published. Good luck.


Hi Karen,

I live in Northeast Florida, but friends from anywhere are fine with me! I am hoping at some point to start a group here. A link to my blog would be greatly appreciated, thank you! I had it up at one point and got so many spam comments that it would have taken days to delete them all, I had no followers anyway,lol! So starting over...


I am a married grandma who is not only raising two teenaged grandchildren who have been with us 5 years, but taking care of a husband who is dying with end-stage Parkinson's among other things. Connecting through my blog with others is all that I can manage. With all this on my plate, friends have fallen by the way-side along the way!!

Robyn LaRue

I've sent the link to your post to others like me. Unfortunately they are spread across the country. Kind of hard to find play dates when the grandson is 20 months and I'm...well, we won't go there. Thank you!

Karen Wright

Where in Florida do you live (general part)? I know of a grandparent support group on the west coast. When you get your blog going, let me know, and I will link to it. Thanks for commenting.


Hi Karen,

I am a single grandparent and I have been raising my grandson since he was an infant, he just turned 8. He's the most awesome little guy ever, and I am grateful for his unconditional love. We live in Florida, and my daughter (his mother) lives in PA. She is a drug addict and cannot seem to beat her addiction. I do find it very hard to find friends, it's very hard to be so much older than my grandson's classmates parents. They are very nice, and I have made one pretty good friend, but it's definitely different now than when raising my daughter. I also have friends from work, most of them have grown children though. I'm also planning on finally starting my blog about raising grandchildren and to educate about the challenges and also add information regarding drug addiction and how the addicts family and children are affected. I am always hearing from people I know that there are many people raising their grandchildren (although I have yet to meet anyone in Florida who is doing so!). I am hoping to connect with others through my blog although that will take a bit of time. I love your post and will be thinking of ways to connect with others who are raising grandchildren and also people my age who share some of my interests. Thank you for the inspiration! I'm happy I found your blog, and kudos to you for being there for your grandchildren!!

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