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January 22, 2014


Bill, your Pen Pal from DeSoto, Wisconsin

Grandpas have names too. Due to an unfortunate situation, I adopted my grandson before he could speak. When he began speaking I wondered what he would call me or what should I have him call me? I wasn't his biological dad but I was more than just a Grandpa. Before I had an answer, nature took it's course and he began calling me Poppy. Today, he is 12 and still calls me Poppy and his friends call me Poppy.

When he was 6, we entered a mom & pop grocery store where he proceeded to purchase a candy bar with his own money. As he handed the clerk his dollar the clerk asked, "did your Grandpa let you buy that?" No words were spoken and we proceeded out the door. After exiting, he looked up at me and said, "did you here what he said?" I looked down and reply, "yes I did, he just doesn't know does he"? He replied, "no he doesn't". No other words were spoken and we continued to walk home.

He knows he's adopted, he knows his bio father but has very little contact with him. When he refers to me while in the company of his friends he refers to me as his Dad. After introductions, I'm Poppy and proud of it.

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