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By Karen Best Wright

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September 01, 2013


Laura Bailey

This is such an important point that you bring up. Children love their parents even if they are in prison or strung out on drugs. When they hear you talk bad about their parents, it feels very personal to them, because it IS personal. It causes them to feel deep shame which is a terrible attack on their own self esteem. Low self-esteem can only contribute to unhealthy coping skills and lead to a new generation of problems. Thank you Karen for highlighting this critical point.

Yes, if you need to vent, find a trusted friend or a therapist and make sure the kids cannot hear you.


Annie Moore

Karen, I could not agree with you more! As a grandparent raising grandchildren, I can testify to the incredible stress that this can put on these children. They have been through so much, and must learn to deal on a daily basis with all the conflicting emotions that come with not being with their parents - for whatever the reason. It is very important to find someone to confide in when we need to vent and share about our own frustrations with the absent parents and be sure not to put this extra burden on the children. I appreciate your blog space and all that there is to glean from here.
Love My Grandbabies - Every One

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