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October 06, 2011


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Karen Wright

Thanks Susan for the comment. I am used to having a lot of room too but of course do not right now. So when you have just one over, they get to sleep with grandma too. Sounds fun.

Susan Adcox

I have two guest bedrooms, but if the grandkids' parents are sleeping over, too, the grandkids often sleep on the sofas or in the recliners. I also have an inflatable mattress or two in case the whole family comes at once. I have the philosophy that the parents need a good bed, but that the grandkids can sleep almost anywhere. I remember sleeping on a pallet at my grandparents' houses, and I always slept like a rock! Now if I have only one grandchild at a time, we usually sleep together, which adds up to a precious memory or a sleepless night, depending upon the grandchild!

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