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October 02, 2010


Deanna L. Severs

What a beautiful blog....
Our Grands are gifts.....
I recently published.....
''Addie's World...'' A
touch of innosense in a
childs life.....
Addie's World, Deanna L Severs, (9781936352388) Paperback - Barnes & Noble
God Bless......

Ann Keeling

That's a story that your granddaughters will treasure, especially as they grow older and look back.

Your detail will help jog their own memories.

What a gift!

Susan Adcox

Isn't it wonderful that we are widening our ideas about what girls can do and boys can do?

If the grandgirls like Boggle, try Bananagrams. It's faster paced and a whole lot of fun!

Mary Ann Johnson

I enjoyed this read. I love little girls. I loved being a little girl. I love still being a girl with my granddaughters. We love doing all kinds of things. that is one reason we have so much fun!

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