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August 21, 2009



Hi, my name is kimberly and I'm a grandmother of two but my son and the mother are still young and don't have my grandson . there is an open case for him right now and they are ready to adopt him out to a family member and right now that family member won't let me see him why i don't know. But if anyone will adopt i want to be the one to adopt because I'm his grandmother what do i do to stop it. I had something on my record but it's cleared up so now what do i have to do. And who can i talk to because my grandson don't want to be where he's at right now. Pls help me that's my first grandkid and i want the best for him. Thank u

Sherry Davis

I am a grandparent of 17 grandkids and have never been through this before but I have full custody of my granddaughter but her 2 brothers and a sister are still with their mother. My son is incarserated and even though they are still married she keeps running off with different men and dragging her kids with her. I want to see how I can fight for custody of them.. I don't have any money at this time but really are worried about my other grandkids. Please help.

Karen Best Wright, B.S., M.A. Health Educator

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Rhonda,I replied to your comment on my grandparenting blog.Karen Wright

Karen Wright

Rhonda Williams, you ask about your 13 year old granddaughter wanting to live with you. Has she asked her dad and step-mom about living with you? If she truly is being verbally abused then she can talk to her school counselor or her pediatrician to see if they think it is severe enough to report to CPS. I would think the best thing would be for her to get permission from her parents to live with you before you go the route of getting professionals involved. It is a big step to take in a teenager who isn't getting along with her parents. Sometimes teenagers think it will be so much easier to move in with grandparents, just to turn the grandparents life upside down. Be certain that she truly is being abused before you jump to her rescue.

rhonda williams

my granddaughter is 13 years old and wants to live with me and her grandfather, she says stepmom is verbally abusing her and has hit her several times. mother has warrants out and does not take care of her. what can I do?

Karen Wright

Jim, I think you need to speak with an attorney. I do not know what military benefits a grandchild would have if you simply have custody.


What steps must I take in order for my wife and I to get joint custody of our granddaughter? Her mother, our daughter, is in agreement and has full custody. The father does not have custody and has been served with a restraining order (since 2015). Our daughter will start full time college in a few weeks and we will be providing full time support for our granddaughter. Our granddaughter (and daughter) has lived with us (under our care and support) since 2014. I am retired army and want my granddaughter to have adequate medical insurance as well as reap the benefits authorized a military dependent.


Hi I am trying to obtain custody of my 5yr old grandson. My daughter is mentally abusing him but not physically so the agencies in Az don't consider him an abused child. People tell me to file and go before a judge I'm just not sure I have enough for a judge to rule in my favor. Any advice or help would be appreciated .

shirley shelly

I have 2 grandchildren that my husband and I have been their sole support for 9 months now. their parents live with us and we have been supporting them too. We have furnished all their school clothes and supplies and have paid for my granddaughters teeth being pulled they have no medical benefits at all. My daughter has been arrested numerous times for theft even stealing from the family. and drugs and paraphernalia. He is so far managed to avoid these as my daughter does the stealing as he waits outside. and the drugs he had her put it in her purse when they got pulled over. She is not bright at all. I want to make sure that 2 two kids have a safe place to be raised without the drugs and theft. How do I go about this in Ohio. they think they are parents of the year and have no problem having someone support them .

Donna Ballard

Where do I get a form giving me custody of my grandchildren. All parties are in agreement.

Sharon Louros

Our adopted son is incarceration for drug possession. It was dna determined he is the father of a 11 mo. old boy. He cares about him but believes he can't raise him & be the father he should be. He wants to sign over his paternal rights to my husband and I. How can we do this w/o a lawyer? The mother ran away and no one knows where she is. She gave the baby to her mother illegally. Her mother was on drugs too & the baby ended up in CPS. Maternal Great Grandparents given temporary custody until courts decide what will happen to baby. We eventually would like to adopt him. We are retired Air Force & are Christians. Lawyers can be over-priced & we want to do the paperwork ourselves. Please guide us how. Thank you for all the special help you give families. God Bless you.


Tracy, I sent you an email.


I need to know how my granddaughter's mother and I can get joint custody. She is in agreement with this, we are in Tn.


I need an attorney to help me gain custody of my grand boys. They have been in my care since July 2013. Their mother abandoned them and my son their father is not helping support them and does not take an active role in their care or schooling, or personal welfare.

I really just want to get joint custody and have a court rule it mandatory that my son take parenting classes. He feels entitled and will not take ownership of his responsibilities as a parent.

These are two of the sweetest boys and I do not want to deprive them of a father, I just need my son to wake up and be one. If he can't do that I want full custody of them. When my son had them with him, he left the boys alone at night while he went out, then he would sleep all day without feeding them and the oldest one failed a grade due to too many missed days of school.

Since I have had them, they have not missed school nor have they gone hungry. They have the proper clothes and are getting excellent grades in school. I just need some help. They deserve so much more than they are currently getting.

Angela smith

I guess my case is a little different am in Tampa, Fl.I have full custody of my five grand kids. For the past three years they have been in my care. ( by the courts ) there mother has vistion rights but only use them when it's a convince for her. If the kids are with other family members doing something or just with their friends whenever she wants to see them she gets upset. I was told if the don't want to go I shouldn't make them. But once she is told no or can we try for another day. I get CPI called saying the kids have been abused in a years time I have been paid a visit but CPI 13 times. never anything founded always thrown out. Now I am been made to go back to court because she wants the kids removed from me and returned back to her. I was told by her family members that she is really struggling. Without the income from the kids. i keep in touch with the grandmother on her side who keeps me informed. My question is how do I get this madness to stop she don't the kids just the income Help please.

terri yandell

I need help in getting custody of 9 month old mother left her with me at 2 months old to go be with a man does not help financialy only sees her ocasionaly mother is bi polar and verbaly abusive and has threaten to come get the baby when things dont go her way I need a good attorney but affordable

christa white

i am wanting to get custody of my grandson.


I have a cousin who has basically abandoned her baby. she moved out of the house that her mom and baby live in. she wrote a letter saying that she was the babies mom and she was going to take all the responibility in financial responsibility for the baby yet she has done nothing. she said that she wanted to move out on her own and be come more stable for her and the baby. yet when her mom calls her about the baby she makes up excuses about how she can't buy anything or she can't come by. she was not even there for the baby's fist shots. she has gone and gotten tattoos and partied all night long and making it know on facebook that she is doing these things. I am asking for help for our family to figure out the best thing to do for the baby. well i know that the best thing is for the baby to be with the grandma where she is taking care of and looked after. we live in sc and would love to have some advice.


Am a grandmother whom took care of grandchild since birth.she 7mo and have an open case with chid protection.The mother is wanted by police.I RAISEthe babie ; they want to close the case,my daugther contact me twice to see how the baby doing.they found out and now want to remove the chid..

erdine robertson wells

any lawer in the state of texas who would do bono work for grandparents who have raised grandkids since their birth and mom think she decided to keep she is using them but she dont love them...she is too busy drinking most of her life and sex addicted her that is wrong...she has been around thru their life....

erdine robertson wells

is there any lawyer who would do bono work for grandparents who have raise grandkids since their birth...itis not fair that is cost higher for grandparents to pay when it is cheaper for parents to file legal custody...dont make sense...the law is unfair to is so unfair....

Mr.& Mrs. Frank

Also so we all live in the state of WV. Im not sure what forms they have ava here.

Mr.& Mrs. Frank

me & my husband were asked to take custody of our 2 yr old grand daughter by her parents. And they don't want to hired a attorney, they want a consent form to fill out. And we all agree that is whats best for her at this time. I want to know is there a form that we can use to do that without an attorney?

taylor allen

i need to know how to live with my grandparents without my mom starting something horrible, and causing the family more trouble then its worth, my step dad does drugs and i dont like the fact that he recently moved in with her i have been with my grandparents for two weeks, i tell my mom what i do on the weekends and ask for permission, but is my grandparents never going to beable to tell me what i can and can not do, its like iam living under a hundred sets of rules, iam 15 and i dont talk to my father, i need answers :/

Cindy Bell

I am a Grandparent who has had custody of my 13 yr old Granddaughter for over 7 yrs. Now her Dad wants custody & everyone is agreeable. Since this is the case, we have considered doing the papers ourselves. Thus, I am assuming that the information by Jean would be the same for us. Am I right? I certainly appreciate any response to this. Thanks so much. Cindy


Truly this all depends on which state you live in. In Arizona for example, it is very easy to complete guardianship paperwork on your own without an attorney. The superior court system offers free forms to complete and a law library to answer questions (they do not give legal advice). When you take your papers to the court, the clerk looks them over for accuracy prior to accepting them and setting a court date. Anyone can assist you in completing the papers for the court. I always advised to complete a set and take an empty set with you to the court. If you miss something, you have the paperwork right there to move out of line, complete and return to line. I do not know anything about custody in Washington or other states. I have a huge file from grandparents who have used attorneys and are still in the court system. I think before obtaining custody, grandparents need to look at every avenue open. We had an attorney for something else and he wanted to hire me part-time to complete guardianship paperwork in his office. One thing is, follow the courts rules, read papers firt and then write and if it says use a red pen, use a red pen, if it states get 3 copies, get 3 copies.

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