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By Karen Best Wright

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August 26, 2009



I hope she can find a grandparents support group. If not close, than on the internet. I wish others could understand just how we cope and how the other side of the grandparenting family does little or nothing to help many times. I wish her the best of luck!

Susan Adcox

While doing some research for my site, I came across an article which stated that custodial grandparents most often assume the role involuntarily and "with little or no forewarning." I can't imagine having to go from being a grandmother to a mother/grandmother in the blink of an eye. My hat is off to all of you grandparents raising grandchildren!

Kelly Stone

I work for Totally Kids fun furniture & toys in Minneapolis.
We have seen a growing number of grandmothers visiting our store who are raising their grandchildren on their own. It is a shame that they are not eligible some form of assistance. My heart goes out to all of them. Our store is in the process of developing a discount program in an attempt to offer some help. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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