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February 03, 2017



"Dad" is bluffing. he doesn't want the boy or he would have him. He'd run like a jack rabbit if he had him every day. Get a lawyer.

Debra Van Gorder

My husband and I are raising our grandson. We have had him on an everyday basis since he was 2, he is now almost 9. Before he was 2 we had him more often than not. 2nd day if his life he stayed the night with us. We are a bit unique in the fact that we don't have custody if him his father does. Our daughter at the time of court was mentally unstable and the father gained custody. We have the most grandparents rights ever issued in the state of MS. The father has custody but he lives with us. The father is supposed to carry insurance on him but doesn't, the father files taxes and claims him even though he doesn't live with him. We buy all clothes, school, supplies, baseball fees, Boy Scout fees etc. we want to go back to court and get custody of him but we are afraid we will get that judge that feels regardless the child is best to be with one of the parents. Then if we take him back to court and lose he will take him and make him live with him. The boy is completely attached to us. He sees his father every two weeks and his mother every two weeks. Visitation of sorts. He calls our house his home. He calls us Nannie and Papa but slips often and calls us mom or dad. We quickly correct him.The fear of the father deciding he wants to play dad is the worst part of it all. The thought of him taking him scares us because it would completely destroy our grandson. The father doesn't want to do the full time dad thing but if he thought it would make my daughter mad he would do it with no regards of how it would affect the boy. Does anyone have any advice??

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