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May 10, 2013


Lynn Murray

So, Ms. Wright, you're still 'at it.'

I have been reading some of your blogs, written in 2009.

From 2009-2012, I helped raise 4 (of my 8)grandchildren, with my daughter-in-law. Since then, the predictable happened: my son, now out of prison, committed a 'small theft' that became a monstrous '32-month, 2nd strike' in CA. My (now former, but 'only legally') daughter-in-law has left the children, is homeless. My son, continuing his case for as long as he can, is raising the children, with me, 'in the wings,' ready (really?) to take over when (not a likely 'if') he goes to rehab/jail, hopefully, not to the 32-month prison, 2nd strike that 'hangs over his (and our) head (s).'

In short, I read your blogs with interest, and appreciate your broad-mindedness; your kind, positive approach.

Thank you. Marie (my 'blog-name' on Google. don't know how to do this!) do NOT, use the name I write here!

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